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About VAP PH   Academy


Freelancing is the new norm - more business owners are hiring Virtual Assistants than ever before. Our goal is simple – we want to share with you what has helped us become much more successful Freelancers.


We believe that the difference between success and failure can be as small as undertaking a few simple steps. We discovered these steps the hard way. Like most Freelancers, we struggled on where & how to start. What changed? Our strategy and the way we think changed, helping us reach financial results we previously thought impossible.


We came up with this  freelancer-designed course for aspiring virtual assistants. It's not just about getting you started; it's about getting you ahead. This  course will provide you with excellent training and prepare you to work as a virtual assistant. This brief but straight forward course is designed to provide students a better idea of what it takes to be a successful and competitive virtual assistant.

After finishing our online course, you will:


High Chances Of Getting HIRED

Get BETTER PAY For Your Services


Be a CERTIFIED Virtual Assistant


Let's get you started!

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